Grand High Tops Track

Warrumbungle National Park

17.5 km

7hr 16min



This walk passes by or through Balor Hut, Bluff Creek, Bluff Mountain, Bluff Mountain Track, Breadknife Gap, Burbie Camp, Burbie Canyon Walk, Burbie Creek, Burbie Fire Trail, Camp Burbie, Camp Pincham, Cathedral, Cathedral Arch, Cathedral Arch Track, Compass, Coonamble Shire Council, Crooked Creek, Dagda Short Cut, Danu Camp, Dows Camp, Dows High Tops, Dow's Lookout, Eagle Waterfall, Fan's Horizon Track, Febar Tor, Finnola Pinnacle, Gilgandra Shire Council, Gould's Circuit, Grand High Tops, Grand High Tops Circuit, Grand High Tops Track, Kurrajong Corner, Lugh's Throne, Lugh's Wall, Macha Tor, Middle Spirey View, Mount Exmouth, Mount Exmouth Track, Ogma Camp, Ogma Gap, Pincham Trail, Point Wilderness, Spirey Creek, Spirey View Lookout, The Breadknife, Wambelong Creek, Warrumbungle, Warrumbungle National Park, West Spirey Creek, West Spirey Creek Track. *

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