Woy Woy to Patonga

Brisbane Water National Park

11.4 km

3hr 41min



This walk passes by or through Brisbane Water, Brisbane Water National Park, Broken Bay, Central Coast Council, Dillons Firetrail, Dillons Trail, Hillview Street Bushland Reserve, Horsfield Bay, Nagari Road Bush Reserve, Patonga, Patonga Creek, Pearl Beach Patonga Firetrail, PMG Firetrail, Rocky Ponds Trail, Sani Depot Trail, Stoney Park, The Great North Walk, Tony Doyle Track, Tunnel Trail, Van Dahls Firetrail, Waratah, Warrah Escape Trail, Warrah Lookout, Warrah Patch Firetrail, Warrah Trig Road, Woy Woy. *

Train + Bus + Foot (3.9 km)
Car Shuffle
Train + Taxi (3.9 km) + Bus


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