Spit to Milsons Point

22.6 km

9hr 23min



This walk passes by or through Anderson Park, Ashton Park, Asian Elephant, Athol Bay, Aubin Walk, Aviary, Backyard to Bush, Balmoral Bay, Balmoral Beach, Balmoral Park, Barbary Sheep, Bear, Beulah Street Wharf, Bird Show Road, Bongo, Bradfield Park, Bradleys Head, Burton Street, Cahill Walk, Captain Henry Waterhouse Reserve, Careening Cove, Cheetah, Chimpanzee, Chinaman's Beach, Chowder Bay, Chowder Head, Clifton Gardens, Clifton Gardens Reserve, Cobblers Beach, Cobblers Beach Road, Cockatoo, Colindia Reserve, Condor, Copes Lookout, Cremorne, Cremorne Point, Cremorne Point Foreshore Walk, Crocodile, Curlew Camp Walk, Curraghbeena Park, Doris Lane, Dr Mary Booth Lookout, Elephant, Ellery Park, Fishing Cat, Free Flight Bird Show, Gibbon, Giraffe, Gorilla, Harnett Park, Harriette Street, Headland Park, Hopkins Park, Hunter Park, Jasmine Walk, Jefferys Street, Kid Zoo, Kirribili Point, Kirribilli, Kurraba Point, Lady Gowrie Lookout, Lavender Bay, Lawry Plunkett Reserve, Leahy Park, Leopard Seal, Lion, Little Ashton Park, Little Sirius Bay, Little Sirius Point, Lower North Shore, Luna Park, Malayan Tapir, Meerkat, Middle Harbour, Middle Head, Milson Park, Milsons Point, Mirradong Place, Miss Gladys Carey Reserve, Mosman, Mosman Bay, Mosman Municipal Council, Neutral Bay, North Harbour, North Sydney, North Sydney Council, Notice Board, Obelisk Bay, Obelisk Beach, Otter, Palm Aviary, Parriwi Lookout, Parriwi Park, Pelican, Penguin, Pile Place, Platypus, Platypus Pool, Rainforest Trail, Red Panda, Reid Park, Reptile World (Serpentaria), Ring-tailed Lemur, Rocky Point Island, Rosherville Lighthouse Reserve, Rosherville Reserve, Seal, Sea-Lion, Seal Show Theatre, Shell Cove, Sirius Park, Spit East Reserve, Stanton Lookout, Submariner's Memorial, Sydney Harbour, Sydney Harbour National Park, Tahr, Taronga Zoo, Tasmanian Devil, Taylor's Bay, Taylor's Creek, The Garden that Grew from an Elephant's Ear, The Rock Pool that Grew, The Spit Reserve (East), Tiger, Tortoise, Wetland Aviary, Whiting Beach, Wild Australia, Wombat, Wrixton Park, Wy-ar-gine Reserve, Zebra/Ostrich. *

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